VT Batteries in the American market


VT BATTERIES has developed an intense business agenda during the past month of June 2022, with visits to three important development centers for commercial consolidation.

Specifically, the visits have been to Miami (USA), San Salvador (EL SALVADOR) and Bogota (COLOMBIA).


The tour has started in Miami (UNITED STATES) with a working meeting with the company OE GLOBALthe licensee of the Lucas brand for batteries in the United States. The purpose of the visit was to conclude a collaboration agreement whereby VT BATTERIES becomes a sub-licensee of the LUCAS brand for the American market.

The American market is one of the most important worldwide with a very important growth projection for the coming years and where VT Batteries is positioning itself with the sale of AGM batteries, marine, etc. to certain customers.

For VT's commercial director, Miguel Álvarez, "This agreement marks a turning point in VT's international strategy, consolidating one of the main markets for the LUCAS brand, of which we are licensees in 85 countries in AMERICA, AFRICA and ASIA. It was very important for us to be able to manage this brand for our customers with a high growth potential and the support of ZF INTERNATIONAL.."

The presence of VT BATTERIES at the next edition of AAPEX was also confirmed.AAPEX, the international automotive trade show to be held in Las Vegas (NEVADA), will be held between 1 - 3 November 2022. AAPEX is the leading event for the global automotive aftermarket industry with a turnover of over $1600 million.



VT BATTERIES will attend together with its partner BATERIAS WILLARD, from COLOMBIA, presenting innovative products, establishing contacts with the main industry leaders and holding working meetings with the main agents of the auto parts industry worldwide.

The visit was completed with one of VT's potential customers for the FLORIDA and TEXAS market in the HD range, the company MASS PARTS.


The second stage of the visit was to EL SALVADOR, where VT held a working meeting with EXCEL AUTOMOTRIZ, a Salvadoran company founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Spanish businessmen and which currently has sales centers in EL SALVADOR, HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, GUATEMALA and PANAMA, as well as a presence in COSTA RICA.

To this end, the export of batteries to the PANAMA delegation has begun and an agreement is expected to be closed so that EXCEL becomes the exclusive distributor for all of CENTRAL AMERICA of the LUCAS brand. In the words of Ricardo Moreno, Corporate Spare Parts Manager, "This brand would complement the solutions portfolio of EXCEL AUTOMOTRIZ, currently distributor of TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, KIA, etc. and with important agreements in other auto parts.".

At the same meeting, the possibility of incorporating other industrial batteries into the agreement was also discussed, primarily traction batteriesbusiness in which VT BATTERIES is making strong inroads, and solar batterieswhere there are significant business opportunities.


The trip culminated with a visit to PELAEZ HERMANOS, main partner of BATERIAS WILLARD and partner of VT BATTERIES for the traction battery business in LATIN AMERICA. During the visit we had the opportunity to present the Master Plan of the business called "INDUSTRIAL EXTREMO", which will mean a before and after in the consolidation of the industrial battery business.


VT BATTERIES in coordination with WGS has developed a business for the commercialization of lead traction batteries applied to the field of forklift trucks, platforms and an endless number of applications where PELÁEZ HERMANOS becomes a strategic partner with four main lines of action:

  • sale of batteries
  • technical assistance and maintenance,
  • battery rental and,
  • lead waste recovery.

To this end, a follow-up committee has been formed and the preliminary results of the market study are expected to be available in September in order to begin operations.

At the same meeting, aspects of the commercial collaboration between WILLARD BATTERIES and VT BATTERIES were discussed, such as the attendance to AAPEX, the joint presence at the LUCAS stand in AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT (September 2022) and AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI (November 2022) and the development of the EXTREME range in EUROPE.

"Our alliance with BATERIAS WILLARD and PELAEZ HERMANOS is getting closer and closer; we are collaborating in the development of international markets, with the sublicensing of LUCAS in seven countries, including COLOMBIA, the opening of markets in CENTRAL AMERICA, CARIBBEAN and UNITED STATES and this new industrial line reinforces the growth of our alliance."In the words of Miguel Álvarez.