For the second consecutive year, VT BATTERIES has participated in the annual edition of AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI

This event has established itself as one of the most important worldwide and the most important in the Middle East and Asia. This edition was attended by more than 500 exhibitors and a presence of more than 30,000 visitors during the 3 days of the event.

Automechanika Dubai LUCAS

On this occasion, VT BATTERIES participated with a joint booth of the brand LUCAS® LUCAS like exclusive licensee for the entire African and Middle East market - except for the GCC where it shares a partnership relationship with the licensee LEBANG -.


During the 3 days, VT BATTERIES has held more than 150 meetings with the heads of the Middle East markets, Kerem ComogluNorth-West Africa, Youssef Kharfa and Southeast Africa, Duygu Akcay.

In words from Commercial Director, Miguel Álvarez, "with our presence at this event we have once again reinforced the brand image of LUCAS® as we have had the opportunity to have contact with our customers from more than 30 countries, we have presented new battery product ranges for the Middle East market and ultimately we have had the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with manufacturing customers and local partners."

The stand of LUCAS® LUCAS The various licensees were also present at the event. LEBANG, MISFAT, SMPE, ELS, ELTA, AUTOGLASS, REMANED, LUCAS® LIGHTNING and KDIESELconfirming the unstoppable ascent of the brand LUCAS® LUCAS after the presence in Frankfurt and Paris, being one of the most complete years of international presence. 

International growth of VT Batteries

The growth of VT BATTERIES in the African and Asian market is constant and currently has a network of customers with recurring sales in more than 15 countries in the area Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, South Africa...

Also at the fair, the incorporation of 5 new countries to the license was closed. LUCAS® LUCAS in batteries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Currently, 91 countries are licensed by VT BATTERIES for the commercialization of batteries and other equipment, such as charging stations, inverters, controllers, etc.

Regarding customers, we have held meetings with the following companies Cameroon, France, Iraq, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Mauritania, Tunisia, UAE, USA, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, South Africa, Russia and YemenThis demonstrates the strength of VT BATTERIES' international network and its development in recent years.


Notable meetings with VT BATTERIES 

Some noteworthy meetings have been held with manufacturers of batteries y lubricants in VT BATTERIES' commitment to diversification and new business models such as WOLF OIL (BELGIUM), VIPIEMME (ITÁLIA), HYUNDAI SOLITE (KOREA), EXIDE INDIA (INDIA), ESAN (TURKEY), ALMANAT (MOROCCO), LUCAS OIL (UNITED STATES).

VT BATTERIES has presented the products as its very wide range of automotive batteries, with particular attention to the range "Hot Climate HC" covering all segments of light vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, marine, caravans...etc., and stationary industrial batteries and traction / semi - traction with the brand LUCAS® LUCAS

In this market consolidation during the year 2023, we will continue with our active presence in Middle East y Africa with visits planned to West Africa (February 2023), East Africa (June 2023) y South Africa (September 2023)in addition to planned visits to Turkey, Egypt and other important international destinations.

At these meetings, interest in the brand was noted. LUCAS® LUCAS and possibilities for joint collaboration in various international markets, through the development of sub-licensing agreements or alliances for joint market development. 

To conclude, Miguel Alvarez affirmed: "Our commitment to the development of the LUCAS® brand is total, considering our long-term commitment with a clear objective of organic growth, full awareness of our capacity and with a focus on our values of Loyalty, Trust and Quality". 

Automechanika Dubai Lucas VT Batteries