ESAN AKÜ Baterías lands in Spain with VT Batteries

ESAN AKÜ is a battery company which was established in 1978 in Istanbul. Continuing its production activities in Levent (subway rapid transit station on the M2 line of the Istanbul metro) built a new facility at the Istanbul Metro. Ayazağa in 1999 due to its growing business volume, and that year moved all its production and management activities to this new facility.

ESAN AKÜ is also the founding member of the AKÜDER Accumulator and Recycling Industry AssociationThe company is a trade organization representing battery manufacturers and recyclers in Turkey. Its objective is to promote and defend the interests of its members in matters related to battery manufacturing and recycling, as well as to improve the competitiveness of its members in the Turkish and international market.

Esan Akü batteries at VTBatteries

With its growing sales network, ESAN AKÜ has more than 200 distributors and after-sales service points in Turkey, and exports 65% of its production to more than 60 countries on 4 continents. 

By relocating all of its management, operations and production activities to its facilities in Gebze since 2016ESAN AKÜ has adopted environmental awareness and customer satisfaction as its main principles in its 42 years of experience.


Why choose ESAN AKÜ Batteries? 

  • High-tech batteries:

They are constantly working on their R&D to offer state-of-the-art batteries.

  • Due to its extensive distribution network


  • Affordable, high-performance batteries:

ESAN Battery offers high quality products to users at very affordable prices.

  • For the variety of products:

Batteries for light commercial and passenger vehicles, batteries for heavy commercial vehicles, batteries for alternative energies, and traction batteries.

  • For its effective logistics:

They have a strong position in terms of logistics which is very close to the TEM highway in Turkey, the Port, the Railway and the Gebze Bridge.

  • For customer service:

From VT Batteries we provide a customer service in Spain where you can get advice to all your questions about the brand, always available for any doubt or question.

The ESAN batteries have a long life cycle and high performance. All the ESAN batteries have the warranty against manufacturing defects offered by the other premium battery ranges.

At VT BATTERIES we distribute the full range of ESAN AKÜ starter batteries for car, boat, commercial vehicle...

For more information about the brandYou can contact VT BATTERIES through:

Phone: +34 947 070 021

Email: [email protected]

At VT BATTERIES we will advise you with the best ESAN option.