Agreement for the development and commercialization of LUCAS® Batteries in Asia and Oceania

VT BATTERIESlicensee of the prestigious LUCAS® batterieshas sealed a landmark agreement for the development and commercialization of these state-of-the-art batteries in Asia y Oceania.

This milestone marks a significant step towards the international expansion of LUCAS® technology in a global context increasingly focused on sustainability.

LUCAS® Innovation: Lightweight, higher capacity and sustainability

Batteries LUCAS® LUCAS represent a new generation of energy storage with significant advantages over traditional ones. Their lighter design, higher storage capacity, improved safety and extended service life position them as market leaders. In addition, they are manufactured with abundant and environmentally friendly materials.

Focus of the Agreement: Production and Marketing

The agreement focuses on two key areas:

Large Scale Production in Asia and Oceania

The development of an international pool of manufacturers with production plants in Asia and Oceania will be promoted to manufacture LUCAS® batteries on a large scale, guaranteeing an efficient supply.

Marketing in Strategic Markets

The plan includes the development of marketing strategies to position LUCAS® batteries in the Asian and Oceania markets, with a special focus on Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

According to VT BATTERIES' Commercial Director and Partner, José Miguel Álvarez, "This agreement will have a significant impact on the development of LUCAS® batteries, adding up to a total of 400 million inhabitants, with significant growth in the world's most economically developed area."

Additional details of the agreement

The agreement was finalized during the last edition of the AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAIin a collaboration between ZF INTERNATIONAL and VT BATTERIES.

It has an initial term of 10 years, with the possibility of extension.

Participation in the following is contemplated AUTOMECHANIKA SHANGHAI to present the project.

Production of the first LUCAS® batteries in these markets is scheduled for 2024.

Sustainable impact and development of new markets

This agreement not only promotes sustainable development, but also boosts business coverage and the opening of new markets. Reinforcing the internationalization of VT BATTERIES, which already has a continuous presence in more than 50 markets worldwide.

This milestone reflects how international collaboration can address key challenges, generating economic, social and environmental benefits. 

VT BATTERIES and the future of batteries LUCAS® LUCAS are poised to make a lasting impact on the energy storage technology landscape.


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