LUCAS® Batteries License in Brazil

VT BATTERIES, principal licensee of LUCAS® batteries worldwide, will develop the battery technology market, and will LUCAS® LUCAS in the first economy of South America.

The battery market in Brazil is constantly growing, driven by the demand for renewable energy and the adoption of electric vehicles. In this competitive context, VT BATTERIES, a leading manufacturer of high-tech batteries, has obtained approval for a new license for LUCAS batteries.® in Brazil.

This license represents a significant milestone for VT Batteries, as it will allow them to expand their presence in the Brazilian market and offer a wider range of products to their customers. The new LUCAS battery license granted to VT Batteries covers a wide range of products, including:

  • Starter Batteries for all types of vehicles (light vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, marine and recreational vehicles, etc).
  • Industrial batteries, for all types of stationary, semi-stationary and mobile applications (solar systems, traction and semi-traction, telecommunications, etc.).

Obtaining the new LUCAS battery license® offers VT BATTERIES a number of important benefits, including:

  • Access to a growing market: The Brazilian battery market is one of the largest and fastest growing in Latin America, which represents a great opportunity for VT BATTERIES to expand its customer base and increase sales.
  • Increased competitiveness: The LUCAS license® enables VT BATTERIES to offer a wider range of products to its customers, giving them a competitive advantage over their rivals.
  • Improved brand image: Obtaining the LUCAS license® demonstrates VT BATTERIES' commitment to quality and safety, which can enhance its brand image and reputation in the Brazilian market.

The starter battery market in Brazil is one of the largest and most dynamic in Latin America, with an estimated value of more than US$4 billion in 2023. This market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by the increase in the vehicle fleet, the adoption of eco-efficient vehicles and the demand for higher performance batteries.

It is a highly competitive market, with a large presence of national and international brands. The main brands operating in the market include MOURA, WILLARD, BOSCH, HELIAR AND JOHNSON CONTROLS.

LUCAS® has great potential to succeed in the Brazilian starter battery market. The brand has a solid reputation for quality and durability, and has extensive experience in manufacturing batteries for a variety of applications.

According to VT BATTERIES' Commercial Director and Partner, Jose Miguel Álvarez, "With this agreement we will work along two lines: strategic agreements with local manufacturers, which will allow us to satisfactorily meet the demands of our customers in the immense Brazilian market and, on the other hand, to establish a solid distribution network that will reach all corners of the country.."

In this regard, the arrival on the market of the new battery license LUCAS® through VT BATTERIES will be done in coordination with a first-rate industrial partner, always under the standards of the LUCAS brand, owned by the multinational ZF.

In charge of operations is the Director of VT BATTERIES for Brazil, Giancarlo Carrasco, which indicates "The brand's presence in BRAZIL will be managed by VT POWER BRASIL, LTDA., a Brazilian company, majority owned by VT BATTERIES and based in the state of Paraná, which will develop the brand's presence and provide excellent service to our customers".