LUCAS® is the longest continuously operating brand in the automotive industry since 1878.

In 1999, LUCAS® became part of the TRW Group, one of the most important original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and aeronautical industry.

In 2015 TRW becomes part of the ZF Technology Group. ZF AFTERMARKET owns the brand LUCAS ®.

LUCAS and VT BATTERIES have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby VT is the exclusive battery licensee of the LUCAS brand, with the participation of other licensees for the complementation of product ranges in more than 70 international markets in AFRICA and AMERICA.

LUCAS® batteries are manufactured to the highest specifications to meet the demands of today's world. Modern vehicles require superior performance from an automotive or motorcycle battery to meet the electrical requirements of their increasingly sophisticated technological features.

LUCAS® has batteries for all types of applications. The automotive battery range offers quality performance in batteries for automobiles, motorcycles and all types of vehicles.

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