TUDOR was founded in 1897 in SPAIN, being one of the centenary brands in the world of batteries.

TUDOR became part of the EXIDE Group in 1992 as part of the expansion plans in EUROPE.

EXIDE continues its international expansion with the acquisition of GNB TECHNOLOGIES, renamed EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES.

TUDOR and VT BATTERIES maintain different commercial agreements for the distribution of batteries in EUROPE, AFRICA and AMERICA, for certain high-growth markets, supporting the international development of one of the main battery brands.

TUDOR is part of the integration of several world-renowned battery manufacturing companies such as TUDOR (Spain and Portugal), EXIDE (USA and Europe), DETA (Germany), FULMEN (France), CENTRA (Poland and Russia) and SONNAK (Nordic countries).

TUDOR is one of the leading international brands in the manufacture and sale of batteries for vehicles of all types: automobiles, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, as well as for caravans or marine applications. TUDOR products are of excellent technological level, under the highest quality standards, with a high level of performance and a long service life.