The development plan for VT BATTERIES one of its main objectives is export growth.

To this end, we are working on the creation and strengthening of an international sales network covering strategic areas such as the Maghreb, Sahel, West Africa, the Andean Community, Central America-Caribbean/Mercosur Latina, and Eurasia (Russia and the Middle East) as the main target markets, in addition to Europe, which has been recording recurring operations in countries such as Holland, France, Germany and Italy for the last four years.
As in the national distribution VT BATTERIES has the leading brands in the market for the distribution of first equipment accumulators in all its range. VARTA, EXIDE, LUCAS etc.

For the development of the plan, preferential agreements have been reached with international agents, locally specialized in the distribution of energy accumulators. Through this network of local support VT BATTERIES ensures its presence in each of the target markets with the guarantee of the knowledge provided by the different agents associated by geographical areas.

He has recently joined the staff of VT Batteries. Mohamed Salah Soltani. Mohamed is a senior engineer in fluid mechanics and has extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket sector in the European, African and Middle East markets.
He joins the VT Batteries team to coordinate the international expansion process in the automotive sector, with the objective of establishing a stable distribution network in Africa, America and the Middle East.


VT Batteries International Map

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