VT BATTERIES has an international distribution network that continues to expand every day in countries such as Algeria, Ecuador, Iran and Guinea. Our international network ensures the presence of our products in the five continents to show our clients the continuous advance in innovation and design of each of their products.

One of the objectives of VT BATTERIES is international development and growth. To this end, we have set up the International Development Department, with the aim of increasing our international turnover and developing new markets, mainly in the African and American areas. 

To this end, we are developing collaboration agreements with distributors in markets in areas such as the Maghreb, Sahel, West Africa, the Andean Community, Central America-Caribbean and Mercosur, in order to become leading companies in the distribution of energy accumulators in these markets. We currently have a presence in the five continents with a special focus on the market in Africa (Maghreb, West Africa and East Africa), Latin America (Andean Region, Southern Cone and Central America - Caribbean) and Eurasia (Russia and Middle East)


Director of International Business Development: Mohammed Salah SOLTANI

[email protected]